About Scrolls

“ Logic will take you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere.”
- Albert Einstein

A national level technical paper presentation contest that provides a pedestal to unleash the talent of budding technocrats, SCROLLS-2016 deals with the most thriving and progressive fields of technology and management, bringing Computing, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Technologies and Civil Engineering along with major developmental leaps in management and leadership in its fold. The crystal clarity and insight of the unique topics will not only transcend the contestant to glory but will also add to the technological advancement of the era. The share you transcribe to evacuate the sub fusc of unawareness will be in your own hands. Melt the dusk and evolve into the new dawn of prestige with utter confidence and perseverance.

We believe that the real conflux to innovation and creativity is imagination, power to think beyond the stereotype and conventions.The unfaltering will and determination to conquer your dreams and the knowledge of the path is what makes an individual rise to the unsurpassable summits. Be as bold as the strokes of a Maestro and leave an untarnished hue on the world. Keeping the above in mind, we at AKGEC organize an annual National Level Technical Paper Presentation event called SCROLLS (Student Creative Oratory Learning Skills) which aspires to amplify excellence in the sphere of technology and management to promote the technocrats and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. This event provides a prominent rostrum to the evolving professionals who can channelize their talent into creativity and give their imagination cutting edge.Innovation being the key to the treasurable ability of wrapping the abstracts into actions and words is our motto to the magnificent event. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it and if you can achieve it the perks are all yours. We invite budding pioneers from Management and various Engineering domains to this event. It is an honest effort to widen the horizon of the technophiles to partake their knowledge for a better future.Let us unite together and explore all the new dimensions in this large world of science, surmounting the peak of engineering and management, giving ourselves a chance for the best future we can hope of.


A better world is constructed by unification of significant domains. We constructed, we automated, we embeddded a brighter future by our own minds. Sprawling and enticing every realm of human life, these domains have enhanced simplicity. In an effort towards endless revolution, let's walk a little further and create new benchmarks.

Along side mentioned the topics under various domains for Scrolls 2016.

  1. Embedded Systems.
  2. Augmented Reality.
  3. Natural Language Processing.
  4. Genetic Algorithms and Bio-inspired Computing.
  5. Cloud Computing.
  6. Semantic Web.
  7. Mobile Computing and Data Intensive Computing.
  8. Soft Computing including multi-criteria Analysis.
  9. Cybernetics.
  10. Nano Computing
  11. Quantum Computing.
  12. Big Data Analytics.
  1. Intelligence Substation.
  2. Smart Electrical Energy Metering.
  3. User Authentication using Biometrics.
  4. MRI Technology.
  5. Humanoid Robotics.
  6. Bluetooth Technology.
  7. Night Vision Technology.
  8. Power Quality Issues with Grid Connected Wind Energy Systems
  9. Renewable Energy & Environment Protection.
  10. Smart Grid Technology
  11. Super Conducting Rotating Machines.
  1. 4G Technology.
  2. Mobile Satellite Communication.
  3. Opto Electronics.
  4. Nano Technology.
  5. VLSI.
  6. Neural Network.
  7. Electronics Counter Measures in Defense Syastem.
  8. IFF Technology.
  9. Speech Processing.
  10. Antenna Design and Radar Technology.
  1. Power Generation using Nano-carbon tubes.
  2. Cryogenic Engines.
  3. Application of CAD software (Catia, ProE) and designing software’s.
  4. Automatic Transmission in Automobiles.
  5. Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.
  6. Improvisation during the last two decades in passenger cars.
  7. Advanced radiator concepts and smart materials.
  8. Recent trends in Mechanical Engineering.
  9. Kinematics/dynamics of Robotic Manipulators.
  10. Robotic Applications: Present & Future.
  11. Additive Manufacturing.
  12. TQM concepts for zero rejection
  1. Indian Railways: Ensuring last mile connectivity
  2. Infrastructure: Key to development of north-east
  3. Earthquake Engineering - seismic risk reduction in NCR region.
  4. Smart housing for smart cities.
  5. Sanitation and solid waste management through ICT.
  6. DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor) road to Development.
  7. Storage Dams: Need for flood management.
  8. Water scarcity and public investment in irrigation.
  9. Creating water abundance through conservation.
  10. Cleaning and rejuvenating Ganga and its prospects lying ahead.
  11. Equity and global climate agreement - A step towards a clean earth.
  12. Application of remote Sensing and GIS techniques.
  1. BREXIT: Impact on Indian Economy.
  2. Role of Skill Development in winning the war against unemployment.
  3. Social Networking is the prime catalyst in shaping the actions of Indian Youths.
  4. India is the new China: A Distant Dream.
  5. The Glass Ceiling: Reality or Myth?
  6. Poverty in Third World Countries is due to Prosperity in First World Countries.
  7. Steal a Few Lakh and you’re a Criminal; Steal a Few hundred Crore and you become an Industrialist.
  8. 100% FDI in Indian Defense Sector: Boon or Bane.
  9. Rural Development is the right answer to our unemployment problem.
  10. Ethics in business: An integral part or a passing fad?

Computer Science And Engineering

Meet us at the intersection of technology and innovation.

Electrical And Electronics Engineering

Illuminating ideas beyond convention.

Electronics And Communication

IC the world embedded in us.

Civil Engineering

Building future on foundation of excellence.

Mechanical Engineering

Let machines serve the mankind.

Management Sciences

Leading the next big change.


Rules and Regulations

The competition will be open to all bonafide students of Engineering and Management Colleges.1.

A maximum of 3 and a minimum of 2 authors per paper are allowed. 2.

A synopsis of maximum 1000 words is to be sent by the specified date. Based on the synopsis, an expert committee will select the papers for inclusion in the final paper presentation. 3.

For presentation, a time slot of 7 minutes + 3 minutes (for Q&A) will be given to each team. 4.

A soft copy of the final paper is to be sent via e-mail before the designated date.5.

The paper should be typed in single space, double column format, using Times New Roman font and size 12. The max. number of pages should be 10 and the page should have no numbers. A margin of 1’’ should be left all around .A sample synopsis for reference is available. 6.

The first page should include Title,Name(s) of authors,their college name,telephone numbers as well as their e-mail addresses. This information is to be included with extended abstract . 7.

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